For families needing additional living space, it’s not necessary to choose home extension if the home already contains the perfect area under the roof. Many older homes (and some newer homes) were constructed with open space on a second or third floor, which is referred to as “the loft.” With skilled professional help, you could turn your loft into a comfortable living space, an additional bedroom for a growing family, even a granny suite with the correct amenities. We have a good article on loft conversions.

You may have this space now and have it filled with unused belongings, toys no longer played with, and more. But, with a good cleaning and some tender loving care, this could be the answer to your need or desire for an additional room in the house. Convert the space into the office you need or make it the perfect place for younger members of the family to enjoy their free time. When you make practical use of the loft, you not only gain living space but you enhance the value of the home.

Popular Uses

Some of the most popular uses of a converted loft are:

  • When children are past the toddler stage and become more independent, you can provide a dedicated space for them to play and listen to music. This can be very important in the child’s development so devoting this area to them makes excellent sense.
  • Some homeowners renovate a loft as the TV/entertainment room. If there is a den or living room TV, you might consider converting the loft into a second room. When you’re planning the electrical service, you just include a television connection in the plans.
  • If you need an additional bedroom for a teenager or for someone else who needs his or her space, the loft area is just right. When guests come to your home, you can provide them with a room of their own that is quiet and separate from family activities.
  • You may be able to add an extra bathroom in this space, which would be an excellent idea for that growing child or guests.

Remarkable Changes

Property owners who make this decision quickly find they’ve made a solid economic choice as well. With the correct upgrade in the loft, you not only improve your home’s value but you avoid the more expensive move to a new, larger home. If this is enough to convince you to look into the idea in more detail, why not call the loft conversion specialists in Bristol to discuss your specific project?

Many homeowners have difficulty envisioning the changes to be made in their lofts until an experienced contractor comes in to show them what can be done. These experts will work with you to produce the design and style that you want along with all the practical features the project requires. Get started right away by talking to a member of the team. The leading providers in this field are always happy to deliver a no-obligation quote and an initial consultation.

Once you see the difference that a conversion specialist can make, you’ll wonder why you hesitated to make the change.