Are your windows long overdue a clean? Although you could go to the local store and purchase a cleaning solution then do it yourself. Unfortunately, it is not always that easy. Some windows are hard to reach, making it a dangerous and tiresome task. Or maybe you are just way too busy to even think about completing the job yourself. Lucky for you there are professionals like Endeavour Property Services, who are experts in Window Cleaning in Auckland. Below we will cover why some jobs like window cleaning, are best left to the professionals.


Cleaning your homes windows can be a dangerous task, not just because you are dealing with glass. The windows are delicate and need to be treated with care and caution at all times. Also, because not all windows are as easy to access, often they are high up and out of reach. This means to clean your windows often you need access to ladders or scaffolding. This brings about even more hazards, as working at a height on a ladder is something that should always be done carefully.

This is why it is best to leave window cleaning to a professional as they are not only highly trained in health and safety they also have all the necessary equipment to get the job done to a high standard. Professional window cleaners have access to a range of items such as ladders, portable scaffolds and even sometimes cherry pickers. To make it safe and easy to clean a range of windows that are seen as hard to access.

Save Money

Although you may think that hiring a professional to come in and clean your windows would be costly. You need to consider the time that you would be putting in yourself to get the job done right. For an untrained individual cleaning your windows to make them streak free is not an easy task. It could even take a whole day to get all the windows in your home looking sparkling once again. Meanwhile for a highly trained professional the job is a breeze, they have the tools and technique to get the job done efficiently, which saves you time and money. What may take you a whole day to complete, may only take a professional a few hours.


Not only will you save yourself time through hiring a professional, you will save money on buying cleaning products. As purchasing a range of cleaning products to get your windows looking clean is not cheap. In stores window cleaning products may cost you up to $7, and that does not even include the purchasing of microfiber drying clothes, paper towels and squeegees. This is why it is a good idea to leave the job to a professional as they bring all their own tools and cleaning solutions, why saves you money on purchasing inferior supermarket cleaning products. Also, their commercial grade products are a lot more effective and leave your windows looking cleaner for longer.

More Free Time

Cleaning your homes windows is often an extremely time-consuming chore, especially if your home is multistorey or has a lot of glass. This is why it is often best to leave this job to a professional, as it will free up time for you to do things you would rather be doing, such as spending time with friends and family.

Protect Your Windows
Hiring a professional window cleaner will protect the glass in your windows and prolong the life of it. While you may be used to using store bought cleaners and paper towels or newspapers, there’s more to cleaning windows than just spraying on cleaner and wiping it off. In fact, using paper towels or newspaper can actually make your windows dirtier by smearing around dirt and leaving unsightly streaks. Also, the ink in newspapers can cause damage to the glass itself. Meanwhile a professional window cleaning company will have specialty non-abrasive equipment that is designed for use on glass so will not cause any damage to your windows.

Also as an inexperienced person it is very easy to cause a world of damage to the glass in your windows. Whether it’s from breaking the glass from not taking enough care or using too harsh cleaning brushes. Or scratching them through the use of abrasive cleaning products and scrubbers.  

Commercial Cleaning Products

Although a store-bought window cleaning product can do the job, professional window cleaners have access to professional grade window cleaning products. These products are more capable of removing grime from heavily soiled windows. They also have access to a range of products suitable for different types of window soiling, such as degreasers, mild abrasives and streak free products. As well as having the experience to know the best product to use in a variety of situations.