Sitting in front of a real glowing fire on a cold winter’s night is surely the very zenith of romance! The trouble is that lots of homeowners have given up on traditional fireplaces such as these in favour of more modern approaches to heating a home. While modern heaters offer plenty of upsides, there is still nothing quite the same as a real fire. If you’re looking for something truly different to finish your home and enhance the atmosphere, a wood burning stove might just be the ticket!

Why a Wood Burning Stove?

In this day and age, a wood burning stove might seem to be something out of the nineteenth century; the truth is that wood burning stoves not only offer some nice benefits but they also come in a wide range of classic and modern styles. Here are some reasons why you might want to investigate wood burning stoves in Christchurch:

  • Efficiency: Did you know that modern freestanding wood burning stoves are actually built to be very energy efficient? Heat is released slowly as it is burned and the design of the stove itself promotes a high efficiency rating. This means that you and your room will get the benefit of most of the heat output!
  • Carbon Neutrality: It might seem counterintuitive but burning wood logs that have been sustainably sourced is actually environmentally friendly. The carbon that is released into the atmosphere during burning is roughly equal to the carbon dioxide that was absorbed by the tree from which the log came in the first place.

Style up Your Life

If you have always wanted to sit in front of the glow of a real fire, why not look at having a wood burning stove installed in your home? They are energy efficient, are carbon neutral, and come in a wide range of styles.