What is known as a fireplace surround is a piece of architecture which is used to increase the visuals of a fireplace, providing both aesthetic and safety advantages. There are some number of different designs of fireplace surround which can blend in perfectly a wide range of design schemes, from marble designs to oak wood ones.

Some home improvement stores sell fireplace surrounds, and with a selection of designs, but if you’re looking at a broader range of styles, it is best to locate and contact a company which deals solely with them. You may be looking for a brand new one or an upgrade to an already existing one, just make sure to check out a good selection before choosing the perfect surrounding.

A Question of Aesthetics

From an aesthetic perspective, a basic plain looking metal, brick, or concrete fireplace may not look very visually exciting for some people, and it looks slightly bare and dull. However, with a good looking surround from Danton Fireplaces, you can make the whole fireplace area that much more gorgeous and inviting, so that it is engaging to look at be it with a fire or not.

  • Brick
  • Tile
  • Stone
  • Particular kinds of wood

All can be fitted to create a surrounding for a fireplace, and the surround can also be adorned with paint, staining, carvings, or other types of ornate aspects.

Matters of Safety and Efficiency

Regards to being safety-wise, a fireplace surround also important. A surround will provide some additional layers of protection from fire and make any fireplace more protected. A brick or tile surround can prevent sparks from escaping and stop them from penetrating the wall around the fireplace and making a fire. Plus, a built-in surround provides extra fireproofing insulation about the fireplace, thus counter any fires that might start inside the wall.

If your fireplace is being used as a method of heating, the surround will up the heating efficiency. Taking tiles as an example, they help to manufacture more heat, due to the tiles absorbing heat from the fire and then radiating that heat later, after your fire has gone down or out. A nice roaring fire in the early part of the evening will heat tile or stone, and the home is then gently heated as the fire slowly burns down.

Making all the Difference in any Home Anywhere

Great looking fireplace surroundings can be fitted around fireplaces of any size, allowing you to quickly and easily put in place of an old one, or perhaps a brand new one. A reputable company will also provide all sorts of custom surrounds which can be ordered and made in accordance with styles and measurements provided by customers.

Anybody who wishes to design their own can buy the raw materials and build their own fireplace surround, but should first consult local building codes to ensure that their fireplace will be in compliance of safety laws and regulations.

After having a fireplace surrounding fitted, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years ago!