In Australia, we need water tanks that are going to stand the test of time. They need to be durable against the weather here, but also be able to stand up to fire, due to the large number of bush fires that we experience here. Concrete tanks are a great fit, because they can be built in-ground and over-ground, and they are more durable than plastic or metal water tanks. Concrete tanks are better for your health as well, because they drastically reduce the amount of acidity in the water, by totally natural means. They also help to keep your water very cool, which means bacteria doesn’t get the opportunity to grow in there.

Less Acidity.

For those of you who think that plastic water tanks are the best, then you need to think again. Recently it has been found that rainwater stored in a plastic tank, maintains its natural acidity and this can react with the copper pipes that carry the water into your house. Concrete tanks let lime into the water, which reduces its acidity levels and so results in less corrosion of the copper pipes. In the worst cases, this extra copper in people’s drinking water, caused health problems regarding the gastric system, including cirrhosis of the liver.

Premium Space

Concrete water tanks that are above or below ground, are a great solution to water storage. If space is at a premium on your property, then an underground water tank can be constructed and a flat roof placed on top. You can then use that extra space for your BBQ area or the construction of a nice patio. Because they are so durable and hardwearing, they are perfect for installing under the ground. Also, because they are made from concrete, this means that they are resistant to fire, shock and the wind and they provide adequate protection for your water supply.

Less Algae.

Concrete water tanks also maintain a cool temperature all year round and the temperature is lower than other alternatives like plastic or aluminium. Due to the lower temperatures, algae and other bacteria have few opportunities to grow within the tank, which means safer drinking water for you and your family. Having a concrete water tank will, of course increase the value of your home, due to the fact that there is water available at all times, and that it is clean and untainted.

It Blends.

The great thing about concrete, is that its appearance can be changed to almost anything. If you opt for an above ground concrete water tank, then you can design it with the appearance of your home and surroundings in mind. It can be painted to match the paint of your home, or it can be finished in the style of your choice. You can get them finished to match the surface of the stone, your home is currently constructed from, so that they blend in really easily.

A concrete water tank is the easiest and best way to store your water. If space is at a premium, then they can be buried underground and covered, thus providing additional space for other things.