Ok, so you have decided that you want to build a pool. Well done, you have taken a very smart and sensible decision. This is your first step to a relaxing and no stress life, but what kind of pool do you want, what shape is it to be, will it be indoors or outdoors and will it be heated or not? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself, but before you can decide on these things you need to have a look at the tips I have provided to assist you in making the right decision.

How Big?

Have a look at the space you have for your pool and figure out how much of this area you want to use for your pool. Do you want to maintain a little garden so you have a natural backdrop to your pool area or do you just want to have a pool and tiles all around you? The size and shape you have available will help you when choosing the shape you want your pool to be and this is where you start from.

Your Budget.

How much money do you have to spend on this project? You must be realistic in your choices. We would all love a massive pool, but building one costs money and with everything in life, bigger is more expensive. There is no reason, however, not to be able to build the pool of your dreams, just in a smaller version. You can still use your imagination but make sure that whatever you choose is within your budget. There are many shapes and designs and one of them will be just right for you and your family.

Who’s It For?

You also need to decide on who will be using the pool and make suitable arrangements for that. If your parents or older people are to use the pool, then the entrance to the pool may be on a slant, so they can gradually get into the pool. This way, steps are not built which means no nasty falls when entering or leaving the pool. If you have kids, maybe consider building a smaller pool beside the main pool which will be shallower and keep the kids safe.

Heated Or Not?

Think about what you want to use it for. Is it just for having fun with the kids and for just jumping about or is it for serious swimming. Do you intend to use it only in warm weather or are you considering using a swimming pool heater so you can use it all year round. If its purpose is to have a place to relax and play with the kids, then maybe consider adding a spa. If it is to be used to get fit and stay fit, then maybe a lap pool is the better choice.

Stay Safe.

Whatever you decide to do, always make the swimming area a safe area for you and your family. Consider some fencing around your pool to keep animals out and also install an alarm to alert you of someone in your pool that was not given permission to be there.