Having trees in your garden or your backyard is a great idea for homeowners. Not only do trees help cool the air around the house but they also provide fresh oxygen and lots of shade during the summer months. However, maintaining the trees can be a bit difficult, especially if they are tall ones. Some of the many problems that may arise in the trees in your garden include:

  • Pest or rodent infestations
  • Root overgrowth
  • Branches drooping on the roof of your house

If a few branches have fallen and the tree is teetering on one side, you should call an emergency tree surgeon in Maidenhead right away. If the tree falls out on the street or towards the house, it could cause a great deal of collateral damage. A professional tree surgeon might be needed on the scene for removing the tree. Here are some of the many services that tree surgeons provide.

Tree Removals

Removing a large tree is not a simple process. You can’t just have it uprooted from the ground without repercussions. Professional tree surgeons cut the tree from near the stump and then have it removed. The stump is ground into the ground to remove any traces of the tree’s existence.

Tree Trimming

If the branches have overgrown and are touching the roof of your house, you should call a tree surgeon and have it trimmed. Professional tree trimming is needed to get rid of the overgrown branches and trim the tree properly.