The use of decking tiles is an appealing and attractive way to finish a deck, and there are a number of different styles to select from. The most commonly used deck tiles are made of natural hardwood materials such as Ipe and Curupay. Decking tiles can also be manufactured from various other hardwood types including Massaranduba and teak. These tiles can also be made from composite wood materials with a variety of different finishes and other such decking tiles are also made from natural stone materials.

These tile alternatives have over time become a favoured and attractive way to complete a deck surface. They are usually square-shaped and offer a smooth, uniform type of appearance after being fitted. Decking tiles are generally made up of a thin surface that attaches to a uniquely designed, plastic base. This plastic base is then attached directly to the deck’s foundation material and interlocks in all directions for a perfect seamless appearance. Hardwood tiles are sometimes marketed in an unfinished condition and can then be stained to suit the colour scheme of other deck components such as the stairs and railings.

Types of Decking Tiles

One of the most popular kinds of decking in Perth is made from natural hardwoods like Ipe, which has a reddish-brown appearance which will lighten with time. This wood is of a very dense type and usually has light or dark stripes running through it. Curupay wood is quite similar to Ipe in looks, but unlike Ipe, happens to darken down through the years. This dense and durable material makes a very sturdy deck surface which is also resistant to warping and cracking. Both Ipe and Curupay wood are by nature insect and rot resistant and perfect as a decking material.

Other popular and native Australian types include Blackbutt, Jarrah, Roasted Victorian Ash, Spotted Gum, Stringy Bark and Tallowwood which can all be found at a trustworthy flooring specialist. Masaranduba decking tiles come in a chestnut-red appearance that stands out from the surrounding scenery. This type of wooden tile will darken after exposure to sunlight and seldom fades over time. All timber decks in places such as WA will have to experience the severe demands made by the Australian climate.

Getting it Right and Cheaper Alternatives

As many of you out there are aware, the heat, storms, and hail can create long lasting damage to lower grade materials, and is exactly just why wise homeowners favour the use of solid timber, which provides excellent resistance to any such threats. With the use of the right material, you will make sure that your deck remains in great shapes for many years to come.

Wood composite materials are also used to make cheaper, attractive decking tiles. This kind of man-made material is specifically designed for durable outdoor use and can also resist rot and insect infestation and are durable and water-resistant.

With such a choice, you can’t go wrong!