If you are a do-it-yourselfer who wants to add fencing to your property, you need to visit a timber supplier that can provide you with fencing parts and supplies. You just need to familiarise yourself with the various parts used in a fence’s design.

Types of Fencing Parts

For example, local timber suppliers in Bromley showcase each fencing component in various sizes. Parts are available as follows:

  • Panels are the main parts of timber fencing and come in various sizes. Sizes range from 900mm to 1800mm for each panel.
  • Fence posts support the panels and come in a various range of sizes as well.
  • Arris rails are featured that support size ranges from 2400mm to 3600mm.

Other Fencing Components

Besides the above fencing parts, you can also choose a variety of other parts including pointed palisades, gravel boards, concrete mortise boards, concrete slotted posts, and concrete spurs. Metal ware is available in concrete brackets and metclips.

Decide What You Want in a Timber Product

To make a choice for fencing, you will need to base your selections on the configuration of the fence, the hardware you need to stabilise the barrier, and the design of the fencing panel. Review the timber species available for fencing installations before making a selection for the hardware and posts. If you have any questions, contact the fencing supplier directly with your enquiries. Know all you can know to make the best selection for the money.

Are you interested in upgrading your yard? If so, review fencing first before you decide to add a hedge. A fence made of timber is a “natural” choice that makes maintenance easy and adds to your yard’s privacy and security.