Of all the materials available out there on the market to build beautiful patios, concrete is maybe the most traditional and versatile choice. It’s nice and smooth, clean, can be easily shaped into a curvilinear or geometric shape, and, with some additional tints, can be quite simply transformed into anything other than that conventional looking light grey colour.

Other Benefits:

  • It provides permanence
  • Strength and durability
  • Is affordable (especially when you know what you’re actually getting in terms of shelf life)
  • Looks great and appealing to the eye!

For Those Out There Who Fancy DIY

To start off with, working with concrete is not easy work, neither is it a one man or woman task, so if you really aren’t that sure you should be taking on a concrete project on your own, it will be in your best interests to simply hire a contractor and make sure the job gets done professionally.

Terrace-style patios with gorgeous concrete tables are a wise choice for those who are considering one for their home. Even should the outdoor area be small, you can make great use of what space you have available. Attractive textured concrete is clean and simple, and will go along with the modern aesthetic of any type of home. Built-in benches can provide for seating, instead of cluttering up the area with any extra furniture.

Light Concrete and Freeform

  • Any light concrete utilised in this modern home’s patio can also be repeated on the patio’s covering structure, which will provide the perfect shade for outdoor dining and partying.
  • A built in below ground level swimming pool calls for a patio surface to copy its shape with cool curves while at the same time provide a practical and appealing transition from the water to the yard and vice versa.
  • This is a smart, well dimensioned thought-out creation for small spaces.

The Best of Both Worlds

In addition to providing you with the very best of both worlds, the use of two different surfaces in a small area helps to break things up and will give you plenty to experience in a limited amount of space. If you now use a rich, warm wood decking material in the centre of such smooth concrete, it will transform each surface into a more noticeable and adored area.

This type of design can certainly make a lot of sense for those with one-story houses, by allowing the residents to wander out of a sliding glass or French doors and into a yard space with little to no effort and move back and forth with ease. For that smooth, level transformation, there’s not much out there that can beat concrete, especially when the material and colours on the inside and out are the same or at complement each other.​

Future Thinking

Try planning ahead with your project and make sure to check out some professional services and see what they have to offer. You just might be surprised at what they can do with concrete and on a patio!