Any saving on any kind of bill is always a good thing, but especially on an electric bill, which can be a vital part of handling household expenditure. There are a few simple things that can be done on a day to day basis to change or cut back on the usage, and with the repairing or replacing of certain items it may also further help you save money.

The most basic method way of lowering your electric bill is to cut back on the wasteful use of power when it is not necessary. One other way is to determine if the cost of electricity in your area is more expensive during certain hours of the day. A long term way of saving on electric bills is to find and purchase low energy devices when it is time to replace existing units. A power company in NZ provides the choice to be paperless, to have a self-management tool that lets you control how you use your energy, which is simple and good for the environment.


In the short term, methods which will save money on electric bills include the modification of your usage. The largest amounts of power use in most homes include lighting and heating, so simply leaving (if possible) lights off during the day will help lower electric bills, and try setting the thermostat down during the same time will have the same outcome if you have electric heating. In the evenings after dark, turn lights and heat off in any rooms that are being unused, is also a very good idea.

The right type of insulation and high quality windows and doors will also help you save on your electricity bills. Insufficient insulation, windows or doors will allow heat to escape, and let in draughts also. By fitting quality insulation, windows and doors may be costly at present, but improvements such as these will result in impressive savings on your electric bill with time.


Energy efficient appliances are another great method of saving on bills in the long run. Power saving water heaters, furnaces, refrigerators, and other such appliances will make for savings over the years. Instant water heaters can also assist with a high electric bill, as there’s no energy wasted heating and reheating big old tanks of water. If natural gas is accessible where you live, the replacing of an old electric furnace or water heater with a new one that runs on gas will also aid with savings.

Depending on where you live in NZ, you might find that power is cheaper at certain times of the day. Some areas may have peak and off peak rates, which can assist with saving on an electric bill if you time your usage. Using appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and the like during off peak times will not lessen your energy usage, but will lower your electric bill.

Good luck with your savings!