There are many advantages and benefits associated with the decision to double glaze your glass surfaces, especially if you already spend far too much each month on energy and other needs. With winter not too far off and temperatures steadily dropping, it is now time for you to consider the many small ways you can utilise home improvement to make life inside your property more enjoyable. This is especially true of older homes that still have conventional, single-pane windows that do little to keep out the cold or stop a would-be intruder from gaining entry into the property.


The average home could save over £100 a year on their heating bill alone simply by choosing to double glaze their windows and doors, especially if the home is one with many of these fixtures. Essex is a beautiful city with many older homes, and those living in such homes pay far too much just to keep their homes comfortable during the cold months of the year, which is why double glazed doors in Essex are now a very popular and in-demand home improvement option. Double-glazed glass surfaces utilise two panes of glass with a layer of oxygen or argon gas between to thoroughly insulate a home, reducing the heat lost through the surface by up to 75%.


If you happen to live in the heart of Essex, it is likely you are privy to the conversations and goings on of the entire area as travellers, motorists, and more find their way past your windows and doors. Double-glazing will reduce all of this by as much as 70%, effectively dropping sound pollution from outside to a far more manageable amount. Now you can sit in your favourite chair with a warm cup of tea without the intrusion of those outside with which to contend, which will make any evening far more private and enjoyable.


If you’ve ever woken up on a humid and cold day to find all of your windows covered in condensation, making it impossible to see out of them, it is likely you have experienced a very frustrating morning. Double-glazed doors and windows are much less likely to become clouded by condensation, a problem that is not only quite bothersome, but also capable of causing mildew and its associated odour. Mildew can also reduce the life of your window frame and seal, which can result in the need for a replacement later on that could simply be avoided by having its surface double-glazed.

Durability and Maintenance

Put simply, double-glazed glass surfaces are significantly more difficult to damage and infinitely simpler to maintain, needing only a simple wiping down with cloth and glass cleaner. Due to the construction of these surfaces, would-be burglars are also significantly less likely to attempt entry, and are also more likely to give up such an attempt and leave once they discover how difficult it is to break through the thicker and stronger glass. Such surfaces will mean a more secure home with a lower difficulty of maintenance.