Two of the popular systems used for garage doors ae up and over (U and O) and roller doors. The U and O mechanism for a garage door is affordable and simple to operate. This type of garage door has had a long history of reliability in Newmarket and beyond.

It only stands to reason that garages are appreciated in this market town as it is also the centre of thoroughbred horse racing. Therefore, residents are well-versed in the importance of “stabling” both horses and automobiles. The kind of door that you select for your garage is therefore an important consideration.

How U and O Doors Are Designed

According to professional installers who work at companies such as Easi-Lift Garage Doors, the U and O garage door is typically constructed from a single sheet of aluminium or metal that is supported with an internal fin build or ridge construction. As a result, the door, which is lightweight, does not bend. The open-and-close operation for the door requires that it be completely lifted and tilted before it lands in the roof area, which is located over and behind the entrance.

A Basic and Reliable Garage Door Design

As a basic guide, the U and O door is the door that is used to assess the benefits and strengths of other types of garage door systems. Garage doors in Newmarket are therefore mainly featured in U and O styles and roller system designs. Because of its basic design, the U and O door has fewer features and does not operate as smoothly as some other doors, such as the roller style. However, that does not keep this traditional door from enjoying ongoing popularity.

An Economical Garage Door to Buy

As a result, the biggest advantage associated with a U and O door is its economy. According to installers at companies such as Easi-Lift Garage Doors, U and O doors are affordable to purchase and fit. They are also easy to use. If you choose a retractable version of the door, you can park close to the garage entrance without any disruption in operation. Because the mechanism for a U and O door is simply designed, you will experience fewer problems that need repairs. In addition, the parts can be replaced without difficulty.

Remote Operation

You can motorise a retractable U and O door and therefore use a remote control with this type of design. If you choose the canopy version of a U and O style, it is better to choose a manual operation. This type of construction does not work out as well when motorisation is employed.

Where to Review the Various Styles

In addition, you can buy U and O doors from companies such as Easi-Lift Garage Doors in various styles and materials. Some of the doors have textured appearances whilst others are panelled for added attractiveness.

These types of garage doors are also easy to source as they are featured in all regular opening heights and widths. You simply cannot get a better value for the money if you are looking to save on this type of installation.