The best way to keep the value of your home up is to maintain the property well. This means that both the interior and exterior of your home should be updated on a regular basis. It can be difficult to keep up with the changing trends in décor, however. One of the most overlooked areas of the home is often the driveway and sidewalks. The landscaping of your front yard and the driveway material can make a big impression to those passing by your house. Block paving adds a touch of class to any home.

Traditional Methods

In the past, brick roads were a common sight. Today, when we think about these traditional roads, we often imagine horse drawn carriages rolling along them. This method of paving is still available today. It is something few think about when updating their driveway, due to the mass use of concrete. Your home can stand out beautifully when you choose an experienced block paving company in Leatherhead.

  • Old-time charm
  • Durable
  • Compliments luxurious landscaping


Block paving addresses the issue of durability when it comes to a heavily used space. Bricks, after all, are the main component of most homes. When you extend this to your driveway, you can enjoy many years of use. The spacing of the bricks allows for expansion during the heat of the summer months. This helps to avoid cracking and warping.

Block paving is a viable alternative to standard concrete driveways. The classy look complements a well-kept home and garden. The materials are made to last for many years, as well. Enjoy a unique look for your next driveway renovation.