When getting your bathroom remodelled, there are lots of factors that can determine whether it will turn out to be appealing eventually or not. While lots of owners usually focus on tiles and fittings, there are other variables that need to be considered which are always overlooked. The end result is that it doesn’t really matter whether you are able to get the best tiles or fittings as the whole purpose may be defeated without trying to consider which of the toilets to install.

There are different types of toilets in the market today which you can choose from. However, back to wall toilets are proving to be one of the best. This is due to some of their outstanding features which can only leave any homeowner highly impressed. The major aim of this post is to expose you to some of the top and untold benefits of back to wall toilets. Discovering them will help you choose to make use of these types of toilets whenever you decide to remodel your bathroom.

Slim And Sleek

Do you want a bathroom that will not only serve its purpose but will look really appealing? Back to wall toilets have been designed to ensure that your needs are met in such regards without any compromise. The way which they have been uniquely designed ensures that your bathroom is given a new and impressive look. They haven’t just got clean lines that are elegant. In addition to such, cisterns are hidden which make them perfect for any modern bathroom.

They can fit in perfectly into the theme of any bathroom without hassle. The best part is that they are of various designs which you can make your choice from. It is all about selecting the one which you feel will be ideal for your bathroom.

Saving of Space

Unlike the other types of toilets that are out there, back to wall toilets don’t require much space to get installed. This makes them perfect for homes or apartments that aren’t spacious. This is one option you should consider exploring once your bathroom is small. Don’t forget that once there isn’t enough space around this area, people using it may not be comfortable enough. Back to wall toilets have shown that they can be a complete definition of what a modern toilet is supposed to look like.

You can also get one that is wall mounted to help save more space in the bathroom. Making use of this type can also ensure that maintenance process becomes very easy to carry out.


You need a toilet that can be adjusted to meet the needs of users at every given point in time. Fortunately, back to wall toilets offer such features through their ability to be adjusted in other to suit the user’s height. Despite this wonderful feature, their looks and designs aren’t compromised in any way. You need a toilet that can be adjusted to suit various conditions of users and back to wall toilets tick all of the boxes green.