Have an extra room in your house? Turning it into a welcoming guest room is the thing for you. It’s time to stop making your friends sleep on your living room sofa that give them back aches in the morning. No matter how big or small your space may be, there’s a fun and beautiful way to give your visiting friends and family a comfy place they can rest.

  1. Blankets, blankets, blankets!
    Anticipate your guests’ needs by always providing extra blankets. Give them a variety of options of textures and thickness, from smooth breathable linen blankets to cosy, warm wool blankets. They’ll thank you in the morning for being such a considerate host.
  2. Pillow heaven
    It’s better to have too many pillows than not enough! Having lots of pillows will make any bed look warmer. Play with your pillowslips. Choose light and neutral coloured pillowslips to brighten up a room and expand space or pick bold colours with playful patterns to give it character.
  3. Statement headboard
    Go for an unusual or creative headboard. A reclaimed iron trellis, a vintage Japanese screen, a painted wood panel or a blackboard. For instance, if you choose a blackboard headboard, you can write a welcome note on it and they can use it as a memo board while they’re on their stay. When it’s time to go, they can write their thank you note there too. Another choice would be to go the classy industrial route with a reclaimed old sign.
  4. Multilayer bunk bed
    If you have limited space but tend to entertain lots of guests, go for trusty bunkbeds. There are a variety of these space saving beds — from pull-out beds to loft style double-deckers. Creating multiple levels provides room for more people using a small amount of space. They’re perfect for entertaining a family with kids, too!
  5. Fun mini dormitory
    On the other hand, if you have plenty of space and entertaining lots of friends is your thing, go for dormitory styled bedrooms (it’s like running your own little hotel). Convert your roomy attic into a guestroom. Provide each bed with its own decorative laundry basket or hamper and if possible, a lockable wooden chest for their belongings.
  6. Cozy little nook
    For small spaces but with big creative ideas, choose a bed that tightly fits the walls and lace a canopy over the bed, and there you go: a warm, fluffy, cozy nook. Depending on your choice of patterns, you can go from a nautical theme with navy blue and white stripes or use thin intricate patterns in warm colours to go boho.
  7. Classy sliding walls
    You can make a small room look big for your guests by freeing up floor space with sliding barn doors. In addition, these space saving doors that give a modern sophisticated feel.
  8. Give them space
    …and by space, we mean storage. Provide clever storage for your guests. That means you’ve got to install small cabinets, shelves, and hooks to hang their bags, towels bathrobes. Giving them enough space to organise their things will make their stay feel more personal and homey
  9. Work desk
    If your guests are staying for work reasons — which may entail long days or hours, you would want to give them more than a bedside table. Give your guests a space to write and work with their laptops, and perhaps, a comfy chair and desk too.
  10. Goodie tray
    Go an extra mile by providing a tray filled with little essentials your guests might have forgotten to bring and knickknacks that say you care. Place a carafe of water for refreshment and a piece of chocolate for a small welcoming gift. You can also arrange a mini toiletry bag that includes a disposable toothbrush, a small pack soap, a box of tissues, small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and razors. For those special visitors, why not leave a good book with your personal seal of approval?

With these great ideas to decorate and equip your space, you’re more than ready to welcome your guests — whether they’re staying for long or short visits. Go fix up that room and start inviting your friends and family. Get your hospitality to a whole new level of wow and make your guests feel right at home!