As meagre, ineffectual DIY undertakings continue to sweep the nation, it’s important to take note of the specific projects that can impact not only your home’s curb appeal and aesthetic, but also its inherent resale value.

So, if you have no interest in wasting your time and money with simplistic do-it-yourself endeavours, such as building a small footpath or implementing some new landscaping features, take a brief moment to peruse some of the more lucrative refurbishments and augmentations available nowadays:

  • Remodelled Kitchens and Bathrooms: Homeowners can recover more than 80% of the initial installation costs of a new kitchen or bathroom in the form of increased home resale value. Additionally, over 90% of today’s real estate agents believe that a refurbished bathroom or kitchen makes for a “simpler and faster sale”.
  • Conversions and Extensions: Converting your loft into an en-suite bedroom or “bumping out” your living room is a bit more labour intensive than an interior remodel, for instance, but the per-dollar recoupment on these types of projects is very equitable. Conversions and extensions (when performed by professional builders) allow homeowners to recoup over 60% of the initial construction costs by way of higher home valuations.
  • New Roof: Regardless of whether you opt for tile, asphalt, shingles, or metal, a new roof will reinforce not only the structural integrity and insulation properties of your home, but also its resale value, oftentimes by more than 62% of the upfront installation fees.

Ascertaining a Reputable Construction Company

As you might imagine by now, these types of projects are not DIY endeavours by any stretch of the imagination, which is why you’ll need to contract a team of expert builders in Harrogate to ensure a cost-effective, efficacious process.

In this regard, feel free to use the brief list shown below as a checklist of sorts to help you separate the contenders from the pretenders during your research.

Step One – Look for the Proper Accreditations

If you’d like to avoid the drawbacks associated with hiring novice contractors and self-proclaimed construction specialists, it’s in your best interests to make sure the company you end up hiring is endorsed and certified by the proper regulatory agencies:

  • Sovereign Approved Contractor
  • Painting and Decorating Associated accredited
  • GAS Safe Register (for gas appliance installations and repairs)
  • Foundation of Master Builders (FMB) endorsement

Step Two – Seek Out a Wide Range of In-House Specialties

Today’s top-rated building firms pride themselves on being able to facilitate a vast array of home improvement projects without having to outsource any of the work to a third party. With this notion in mind, feel free to use the suite of services shown below as a blueprint of sorts:

  • Top-to-bottom architectural design
  • Exterior work, including roofing, conversions, and extensions
  • Comprehensive kitchen and bathroom remodelling
  • Inclusive plumbing and heating services
  • Electrical wiring, installations, refurbishments, and repairs
  • Painting, decorating, and interior design
  • Expert joinery
  • Landscaping, paving, and driveways

Step Three – Check Each Firm’s Portfolio before Enquiring

Last but not least, you’ll want to turn your attention to each company’s gallery of past works to ensure their relevant aptitudes and proficiencies in the arena of residential construction. Focus on how each portfolio relates to your visions and ideas, because after all, the firm you end up hiring will be responsible for turning your dreams into a reality.

Once you’ve ascertained a trustworthy, renowned construction company in your vicinity, feel free to schedule a no-obligation consultation to dive deeper into your specific options.