Carpeted floors are quite popular all across the United Kingdom. Despite being difficult to maintain, carpeted floors offer a unique elegance and a touch of class that have made them a popular choice for people who can afford them. Carpets are available in many different varieties, ranging from conventional machine-woven carpets (which are cheaper), to hand-woven Persian carpets that cost a small fortune. However, the biggest problem that many people face is in keeping their carpets clean. Here are a few tips to help you keep your carpets clean.

Maintenance Tips

  • If they are not cleaned regularly, carpets will soon become a breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria. You should contact a company that specialises in carpet cleaning in Bromley to have the carpets cleaned at least once or twice a year.
  • When drinking any coloured beverage, avoid staying on or near the carpet. It is very difficult to get the stains out afterward.
  • Do not rub on the stains in order to remove out. Blot it with a clean, white cloth. Rubbing actually spreads the stain further.
  • Do not use cheap carpet cleaners on expensive carpets.

Sending the Carpets for Cleaning

You can call a local carpet cleaning company to come your home for pick up whenever it is convenient for you. The company will measure the length and the width of the carpet, and provide an invoice for the cleaning costs. Most companies also offer a delivery service to their customers.