Bollards are commonly used in many different places where traffic access needs to be restricted. A bollard can be installed in different doorways to limit the flow of traffic. Basically, they look like short posts that serve as visual obstructions to prevent vehicles from entering a building. Bollards are usually made from a variety of different materials, ranging from metals such as aluminium or stainless steel to wooden materials like timber. They are mainly designed to prevent attacks from car ramming or ram raiding. Mooring bollards are also commonly seen on the pier, where they are used for tying up knots to keep a ship safely moored at the harbour.

If you are interested in buying a new bollard for you property or commercial enterprise, it’s important that you take several major considerations into account. With so many different companies now selling timber bollards in Brisbane, you have to narrow down your options when you go looking for one. Here are a few tips to help you find a suitable bollard.

Important Considerations

The first major consideration that you should take into account is associated with vehicle access. Do you want the bollard to permanently restrict all vehicle access, or just for a temporary period of time? Certain bollards come with a retractable mechanism as well, and can easily sink back into the ground. However, if you want to permanently restrict vehicular access, then you should consider buying a permanently fixed above-ground bollard.

Impact protection also plays an important role in your decision to buy any traffic bollard. You should ask about the sort of impact that the bollard is capable of absorbing, if there is any kind of impact protection coating on it. Similarly, you should think about how the bollard can create a user-friendly site, and you also need to factor in the appearance of the bollard. Do you need to buy a bollard that contrasts with the colour of the site, or one that has neon coloured stripes on it?

Types of Bollards

There are three main types of bollards that are sold nowadays. These include removable bollards, telescoping or retractable bollards, as well as fold down or collapsible bollards. Removable bollards have receivers installed within the concrete base, so they can be removed and lifted freely from the ground once you have unhooked the receiver. The base is incredibly sturdy, and once the bollard has been fixed in position, it can easily withstand the impact of a car ramming straight into it.

On the other hand, retractable bollards have a receptacle installed underneath, which allows it to be unlocked and lowered into the ground. This means that you won’t have to lift up the bollards at all for storage purposes, as they can just be retracted back into the ground. Manual versions are cheaper and don’t require a lot of investment in infrastructure either. Collapsible bollards are also an option, and are usually hinged on the side of the road to allow access to vehicles.