A leaky roof can cause a multitude of problems for homeowners. If undetected, roof leaks could cause mould to grow in the attic or between plasterboard and trigger allergies or make your family sick. Other undetected leaks could cause ceiling tiles, walls, and flooring to deteriorate to the point it collapses. To prevent these problems, the causes of leaks need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Slipped Slates and Tiles

The purpose of slates and tiles on the roof are to keep the rain from penetrating it. If they slip, then rainwater can form pools on the underlay, making it fail and causing leaks. This problem can be easily repaired by companies specialising in roofing services in Torquay.

Incorrect Installations

A common cause of roof leaks is the improper installation of flashings at roof junctions. If it rains heavily or steadily for several hours, then damage to the junctions can hasten roof leaks. Hiring an experienced roofing company can prevent these types of installation errors.

Poor Ventilation

If the roof is not properly vented, then condensation can form on the underside of tiles or roofing underlay. This condensation can leak through the ceiling and appear as if the roof is leaking. Poor ventilation can also cause damage because the heat builds up inside of the attic since it cannot escape.

It’s time to call for roof repairs if you notice:

  • Water leaks
  • Slipped or missing tiles or slates
  • Lifted tiles
  • Pooling water on flat roofs

Getting these problems repaired immediately can save you thousands of pounds.