Everybody wants to be healthy and rich. Everybody also wants to have a clean house with shining furniture and domestic appliances. Almost everybody cares about the Earth and wants it to continue its existence as long, as possible. What do all of these people’s desires have in common? The answer is green cleaning – a simple step that can lead drop by drop to wonderful results, if taken. Yes, at first sight it may seem a bit unserious that green cleaning is possible to contribute for achieving the mentioned objectives, but it really is. It can save you money, because DIY cleaning products cost much less than the ones sold in stores. Neither your health, nor the environment will be affected, because only natural ingredients are used and the effect of these cleaners is frequently even better, compared to the one of the commercial products.

Here are some useful tips which will ensure you that being eco-friendly is easy, cheap and really effective:

  • Kitchen cleaning

One of the places in a house, which get messy and filthy most easily and fastest and thus need frequent cleaning, is the kitchen. Plenty of detergents are known to be able to deal with stubborn grease, coffee or wine stains. But an extremely big part of them is very expensive and toxic. If you want to replace such strong chemicals with something softer, but equally efficient, use natural products like baking soda, vinegar, fresh lemon juice, etc. You can handily remove grease from your dishes, if you simply sprinkle baking soda on a wet sponge and scrub the surface. Take a clean cloth after that to clear any powder leftovers away. You can use the same method for oven cleaning too. Combine equal quantities of white vinegar and hot water and you will obtain a fundamental floor cleaning product.

  • Fighting with mold

Maybe the biggest enemy of the tidy and shiny bathroom is called mold. Almost every household has been having bad experience with it. In case you get in the same situation, distilled white vinegar is the only weapon you need. Just pour it into a spray bottle, spray on the affected area and leave it like this for a few hours. If the smell is too irritating to you, simply add several drops of some essential oil to create a good sanitizing, but also an aromatizing cleaner. Tea tree oil is exceptionally effective when it comes to mold cleaning. It’s a bit more expensive than most essential oils, but the amount you need to use is very small. Mix a couple of teaspoons with several cups of water, then shake the mixture and spray it over the musty fields. You don’t even need to rinse after.

Eco-friendly cleaners have endless applications. If you want to cut costs, care for your health and the planet we are living on, green cleaning is a great idea. Stop spending much money for expensive and toxic common cleaning products and make ones on your own. Article provided by: http://cleanersup.co.uk/