Having a fireplace inside your home gives it a cozy, comfortable feeling. A fireplace offers warmth and beauty and enhances the overall visual aspect of your home. No matter the size or the shape of the room you place it in, making the hearth a center piece of the space will help you decorate around it. And, a marble mantel piece for your fireplace will draw all attention towards it. You will love it, your family will love it and your guests will appreciate it too. A marble fireplace is both purposeful as it warms up your home and adorning as it represents a masterpiece in itself through the details carved on it.

Whether you decide to place it in the living room or in the dining room, the hearth will help you create a comfortable vibe in that room. It will allow you to enjoy a relaxing conversation in two or to have a delicious family dinner. And when it comes to the design, a fireplace with marble mantel is a piece of art.

The marble mantel

Carved with close attention to details and for an exquisite final result, a marble mantel embodies elegance and style. Having such an item in your home will add value to it. It will make it more luxurious. Any true art lover can appreciate such a beauty.

With small statuettes, figurines, flowers, leaves or a combination of all, carved marble has been appreciated since antiquity. And its value did not fade away with time. On the contrary, people are appreciating marble today as they have hundreds and thousands of years ago. And this recognition can be seen with marble fireplace mantels.

One company which appreciates marble mantels and antique fireplaces of any kind is the London based Thornhill Galleries. This family owned brand has more than 100 years of experience of manufacturing and selling vintage mantel pieces, antique hearths and fireplace accessories. Among their selection of more than 350 fireplaces, Thornhill Galleries has a staggering collection of over 100 marble fireplace mantels. All of these are specific to a certain age, from Georgian and Victorian to Louis XVI and more. Each are crafted with care and attention to detail and each exhale elegance.  It is here, at the Thornhill Galleries, where any home owner in search for style, luxury and beauty can find the perfect vintage or reproduction fireplace for their home.

If you are part of those who appreciate the timelessness of marble and the beautiful decorations which can be carved on them, a marble fireplace is the solution for you. Not only will it bring elegance into your home but also comfort, a feeling of coziness and warmth. Placing it inside your living room or your dining area will help you to create a sophisticated space and also a soothing and welcoming zone for you, your family and friends gatherings.