The modular home industry is booming, as composite materials make for a cost effective home or office environment, and when compared to the cost of a bricks and mortar structure, it makes for an attractive alternative. Then, of course, you have container homes, and as the actual steel structure is already provided with the container, it is very affordable to customise one or more units to create the ideal living space.

The Rise of Container Homes

The idea began a few decades ago, when basic living units were created from unwanted sea containers, which happen to be of very rugged construction. Earlier version lacked the comfort one demand with permanent living space, but like anything else, development was soon underway. The modern container home lacks nothing with regard to aesthetics, indeed the designs are sought after and aside from providing a high level of comfort, a container home has real character. You might be wondering just where you could find a company that builds this type of modular unit, and if you happen to live in WA, and would like a container house in Perth, for example, there is a well-established company that can customise the units to suit the client’s lifestyle.

Quality Fixtures and Fittings

Modern container homes are very well fitted out to provide maximum comfort, and with great thermal insulation, climate control is never an issue. Windows and doors can be inserted wherever suits you best, and with adequate ventilation, your living space is everything you could hope for, and at a fraction of the price of a bricks and mortar home.

Real Affordability

All you really need aside from the finished unit, is a concrete base of suitable size, and the supplier can handle this stage, or if you are feeling energetic and have a weekend free, you can save even more by preparing the base. It isn’t a difficult job, and once the topsoil has been removed, you simply shore up the edges, drop some mesh reinforcement in, then fill the area with ready mixed concrete. You will have to feed in utility pipes and connections, but it isn’t difficult, and if you would prefer to have the supplier handle the entire project, they would be happy to prepare the base.

Design your Own Living Space

It is only the person who is building their dream home that normally has a chance to have some input during the design process, but with a container home, you can have things exactly as you want them, and with a combination of either 20 or 40 foot units, you have as much space as you want. For many self-employed people, their container home is also their office, as there is one section that is designed with business in mind.

You can’t have a more convenient lifestyle than working from home, and with both your office and home in the same place, think of the money you will save with business costs, but whatever your living requirements, a container home has a lot going for it.