Trees around your home can be a source of beauty. They add a touch of nature, even in an urban environment. When cared for properly, you can usually enjoy their ambiance for many years. There are times, however, when trees can become dangerous. There are times when you need to call for professional help with trees that reside on your property. This is especially important when you notice an instability in the tree. Weather, settling of soil, and sickness can all compromise the safety of a tree.

Weather and Soil

There is not much you can do to control the weather. When harsh weather occurs, trees can be severely damaged. Branches can become loose, the trunks can pull out of the ground, and lightning can split various parts. This can cause a risk to anyone that comes near the tree. Falling branches can cause severe injuries. The foundation of homes can also change drastically, over time. The soil beneath the house and trees can settle, leaving trees unsteady. Call for tree surgeons in CM3 when you experience these issues.


Trees can become ill, causing them to need removal. A specialist can perform an inspection and determine if the tree can be saved. When you catch tree disease early, there is a better chance for recovery. Be sure to call for help when you notice unusual symptoms.

  • Discolouring
  • Wilting foliage
  • Heightened insect activity

Trees require maintenance to stay healthy and safe for homes. A professional can often make some changes, allowing the tree to stay on the property. When severe damage or illness strikes, you may need to consider a full removal, however.