Septic tanks are an integral part of many smaller towns and communities. In fact, many homes located in rural or remote areas use septic tanks because they are not connected to central sewer systems. The septic tank stores human waste material until it can be emptied by a professional septic tank service. In this sense, the septic tank is crucial to the ongoing health and well-being of those communities and homeowners. Some advice on septic tanks.

When Your Septic Tank Becomes Full

Of course, septic tanks, no matter how large, will always have a maximum load before they become too full. When this occurs, and ideally even before this point, a professional specialising in septic tank emptying in Stoke-on-Trent should be called. Indeed, businesses such as this tend to operate on a fixed schedule.

Here is what can happen when a septic tank is not emptied regularly and maintained:

  • Sub-Soil Saturation: The soils surrounding some septic tank systems are used as a natural treatment area for liquid wastes that have percolated to the top of the tank. This can become waterlogged if there is too much waste in the system or if the baffle mechanism is damaged. When this happens, solid wastes can enter the surrounding soils and even rise to the surface, causing a serious biohazard that will need emergency attention.
  • Soil Movement: Sometimes the septic tank itself is damaged and cracked through the movement of sub soils surrounding it. When cracks appear in the tank, the waste can leak out.
  • Sludge: Obviously, septic tank systems hold a lot of human waste and over time, this organic material can form blockages in the pipe work and can become a sludgy substance. This requires cleaning by a professional crew that is used to handling septic tanks and the hazardous conditions inside them. It is important to hire a septic tank cleaning company that offers so-called de-sludging services so that you can be sure that your tank is well maintained.
  • Roots: Unfortunately, sometimes tree roots can grow into the septic tank system, cracking and damaging the holding tanks and pipes. This will need to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further problems.

How Is the Health of Your Septic Tank?

Did you know that some septic tank systems are over a hundred years old? This may be something of a surprise; in fact, many of them are still working pretty well, although they would not be as efficient as today’s modern systems. The older septic tanks tended to be very simple and functioned as single-tank holding systems.

A septic tank can undoubtedly last for many years but how much do you know about your system? How is it functioning? If you have not had it emptied for a while or de-sludged, maybe it’s time to organise it before problems occur. In fact, the best septic tank cleaning companies will also provide other related services including drain cleaning and maintenance as well as checking and maintenance of complete sewage treatment systems.