There is a wide choice of windows for you to choose from when it’s time for a replacement. This is one of the most important decisions that you are going to make regarding your house, so you should not rush the process.

Your windows need to provide three basic functions:

1) Retain Heat Whilst Keeping Out The Cold

2) Ensure That Your Possessions Are Kept Secure All Of The Time

3) Make Your House Look Attractive

When your windows are failing to perform their three main functions, it is time to have them replaced. There are lots of styles that you can choose from. Make sure that your new windows are in keeping with the overall theme of your house because otherwise, this can look strange.

What are the different styles of windows?

Sash Windows

1) Sash windows are windows that are opened vertically and after they are installed by window companies in Pinner they can make your house look even more attractive than it already is, because of the lattice design.

2) There are several different styles that you can choose from and then you will be able to relax in complete comfort.

3) People will give you lots of compliments about the way that your windows look. These windows could inspire them to have some sash windows of their own.

4) The sash windows are going to be extremely easy to keep clean. You can do this for yourself or hire some window cleaners.

Oriel Windows

1) Oriel windows are one of the most attractive windows that you can have installed in your house. You should inspect several different styles.

2) This is a type of bay window that gives you space to sit in the gap that has been created.

3) They are most commonly installed on the upper floor of the house and they will make your house look incredibly striking.

Casement Windows

1) Casement windows swing inwards or outwards depending on their design. This is a very convenient type of window that can be opened and closed without much difficulty at all.

2) The windows come in an array of different styles. They can be a lattice or they can be plain. The choice is yours.

3) The windows allow you to funnel air into your house when they are open, and to trap heat inside when they have been shut. A professional company will be able to install the casement windows properly.

Bay Windows

1) Bay windows protrude from the house and give your property a brand new look. This is going to make you happier when you are living in your house.

2) You can sit in the way windows in a comfortable chair, reading or watching television with the rest of your family.

3) The bay windows can be installed by some professional window technicians.


There are lots of different windows that you can have installed. You should consider your options with the help of some professionals and then they will be then able to fit the new windows to your house.