One of the great things about home ownership is that you can make space your own. When you live in a condominium or flat or any other type of rent-centric housing, you have regulations you need to follow as well as a typically more cookie-cutter type layout. By contrast, a home of your own is something you can customise to your heart’s content from top to bottom, including the many different types of stoves you can install in your kitchen or chimney space.

While you might tend to think of stoves in more utilitarian terms, the reality is that there is a world of variety out there when it comes to the different looks and feels offered by the best stove options on the market. Woodburning stoves provide a lot in this regard, including:

  • A classic look
  • An affordable price
  • Increased efficiency
  • And much more

Here is a glimpse at a few favourite types of woodburning stoves in Brentwood you might have installed to help heat up your home décor.

Traditional Stoves

You just cannot beat the look and feel of conventional woodburning stoves. There is something about that quintessentially-classic, centuries-old design that continues to stand the test of time. These types of woodburning stoves can fit snugly within fireplaces or serve as standalone units, and boast a sturdy, boxy cast iron or steel look. That centuries-old design works perfectly with rustic or chateau décors, or other decorating setups that emphasise traditional, timeless class.

Contemporary Stoves

For as lovely as traditional options might be, however, perhaps your home décor setup is a bit more contemporary-minded. If so, have no fears–there are a plethora of woodburning stove options for you yet. Woodburning stoves that boast a contemporary design work to marry their time-tested functionality with chic, sleek, more modern look. These types of stoves are typically better suited to more modern decorating setups–for example, freestanding as opposed to being situated within a fireplace like a hearth of old.

Insert Stoves

Not all fireplaces are designed equally. For as beautiful as traditional, boxy woodburning stoves can be, they do not always fit into modern fireplace setups, particularly those with narrower openings. Thankfully, insert stoves pose a perfect solution to this problem. These “inserts” are situated within the opening of your fireplace. This allows them to fit in there snugly, giving you all the benefits of a woodburning stove without the need to modify your fireplace. No matter the size of your fireplace’s opening, there is bound to be an insert stove that proves the perfect fit for your needs.

Pellet Stoves

Maybe you have capitalised on the new impetus to “go green” and make homes more environmentally-friendly and efficient with solar panels. If so, you can double down on these benefits with pellet stoves, which give you the benefits of a woodburning stove with the help of some solar energy. Wooden pellets that are environmentally-friendly are used here, helping you reduce the emissions your stove creates.

Add a little heat to your home’s décor with the best, most efficient wood burning stoves today.