When it comes to storage options, a fitted wardrobe is something no one can miss out on. As the name implies, it is a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe that is fitted into the confined spaces of the room.

Advantages of Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes don’t only make the room less messy and more spacious but also give extra storage space. In fact, these types of wardrobes are far more spacious than normal free-standing wardrobes. Buyers also get the option of having a particular type of inside storage space designed to store specific items.

Moreover, they can get the wardrobes customized based on their personal choice and according to their home’s interior.

What Should be Considered

When buying a fitted wardrobe, following are the factors that buyers or homeowners must consider:


Doors are what deliver the ‘first look’, so they should be chosen carefully. A person buying a fitted wardrobe must have a clear idea of what type of door they need. Most prefer hinged or sliding doors as they take up less space to open up.

The Interior Side

One can’t make a selection without specifying the type of items they want to store in a fitted wardrobe or the kind of storage they need inside; for example, normal drawers, added shoe space, and/or cloth hanging space.


Another factor that buyers need to consider is whether or not they want to install a mirror. If it is a yes, the buyer should describe which type of mirror (full-length mirror, etc.) and where it should be placed (outside or inside).

Types of Fitted Wardrobes

While there are several choices, the most common types of fitted wardrobes that can be considered include:

Pax Fitted Wardrobe

Pax Fitted Wardrobe is a one-of-its-kind wardrobe. This is an IKEA-inspired closet that can be fitted the way homeowners like. These wardrobes are reasonably-priced and have a chic appeal.

Regal Fitted Wardrobe

The regal fitted wardrobe has double and identical hanging spaces. It also usually includes top shelves and three storage drawers, but the buyers can obviously get it customized.

Nordic Wardrobe Fitment and Stool

As the name implies, these wardrobes come with fitment and a stool to be seated in. These wardrobes have beautiful detailing and make bedrooms look highly organized.

Buying a Fitted Wardrobe

As much as it is important to consider the style factor and rest of the things, one must not forget to ensure buying fitted wardrobes from reliable providers only. Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens has been serving people across London for years and has numerous satisfied customers.