Concrete is made of pulverised stones mixed with a liquid that holds it all together. As such, concrete can be delivered in solid or liquid form. If you get the solid concrete, it will have the pulverised stones ground up along with dried adhesive. You will then add the water and mix it until it’s the proper consistency. Alternately, you can have it delivered already in liquid form. This is called ready-mixed concrete. Ready-mixed concrete can be delivered in dry form and mixed by professionals on site. What’s important is that professionals do the mixing for you. Why is that important?

Concrete Mix Quality

Buying concrete and mortar ready mixed in Billericay ensures that it is mixed to the proper consistency and specifications.

  • Concrete mix designs can be fairly complex due to the changing nature of concrete’s exposure.
  • The concrete needs to be mixed for what it will be exposed to while it is being applied as well as it what it will be exposed to in service.
  • For example, if you are pouring concrete during the summer, it needs to cure and dry at a high temperature and humidity.
  • If you’re pouring the concrete during the winter, it needs to be able to resist drying too quickly to cure.

Professional Mix

If you have a professional mix your concrete, you’ll be able to trust that everything is properly mixed. The professional will design it so that it fits your needs. You hire professionals for just about everything you do; mixing concrete should be no different. In fact, a professional is even more important since concrete forms the foundation of so many vital elements of your home or business.