Getting access to clean drinking water is vital for healthy living, as impure water if consumed can cause several types of waterborne diseases for instance dysentery, cholera and typhoid. The rising amount of water pollution and contamination has prevented people from drinking regular tap water. Hence, individuals who are in search of getting clean drinking water in their home should consider a water purifier such as aquaguard water purifier. There are several models of Aquaguard available and depending on the necessity and budget customers can buy the one that they want.

Reasons as to why you should invest on Aquaguard

  • Aquaguard is the one and only leading water purifier brand
  • It is the winner of UNESCO Water Digest award and Golden peacock award
  • It delivers safe drinking water in more than 36 countries across the world
  • Aquaguard has been offering such services since the year 1984, so it has been in the field for more than three decades now
  • It uses modern technology such as unique e-boiling+ which gives you water that is as safe and pure as water boiled for more than twenty minutes
  • It offers a vast range of more than 78 models to select from across all technologies such as UV, UF, RO, UV+RO+UF
  • Aquaguard comes with in-built voltage stabilizer which ensures that the water purifier works even during fluctuation or low voltage.
  • It contains water level indicator which assists you to adjust the water level of the purifier according to the consumption, to reduce wastage and promise you readily available water.
  • Aquaguard is the only water purifier which is endorsed by the Indian Medical Academy and is certified by more than 135 laboratories across the globe.
  • Intelligent purity system ensures the delivery of safe water or no water, it continuously senses the UV rays fall on the sensor and stops the function if UV fails
  • On the Go purifier bottle help you drink purified water at any place and at any point of time

All these reasons clearly explain why Aquaguard is the most preferred choice when it comes to buying water purifier system.

By adhering to the above points you can certainly consider Aquaguard to be the best option available when it comes to drinking clean and purified water. Keep in mind that an effective and efficient water purifier is a one-time investment therefore, you should purchase the one that fulfils the needs that you and your family have. Give your family the gift of good health, by investing in a good water purifier such as Aquaguard. This will ensure the water in your home remains absolutely pure and clean. The vast range of Aquaguard purifiers are available within a price range of MRP ₹595 to MRP ₹32,690, which enable the users to choose the most efficient one to match their needs. One can shop for the Aquaguard purifier based on the range or technology to select the water purifier that suits you the best.