There have been many attempts to mimic the look of wood in the home, with UPVC and aluminium products that offer a “wood-grained” finish, which might resemble wood in some way. Timber has been used to build houses as long as man has needed shelter, and with the right type of wood and some preservation, timber will outlast just about anything, with the exception of stone. If you are looking to transform your home, custom crafted timber windows and doors will add character to any property, and by carefully selecting the timber, the look can be tailored.

Traditional Joinery

If you look at some of the period houses in Britain today, the craftsmanship of the windows is incredible, and even after a few hundred years, the timber is still as good as new. Traditional joiners have always been in high regard, and despite the emergence of man-made materials, there are still traditional companies who you can commission to design and create hand crafted windows and doors. If, for example, a person were looking for wooden front doors in Willenhall, there is one such joinery company, and with their expert advice, you can select the perfect design and timber.

Design Choices

Experienced joiners can create just about any design, and if you want something truly unique, they would be happy to incorporate your ideas into the design. Timber front doors offer an opportunity to create something unique, and with a matching back door, the look is complete.

Treated Timber

The wood used is treated extensively prior to the build, and after installation, protective coating would be added, and with a range of varnishes, it is possible to bring out the best in the grain. You might prefer hardwood or softwood, while European oak offers unique patterns, and with all the timber pre-treated, you can be sure it can handle the British weather. The secret to long lasting wooden frames lies in the preservation solution that is applied prior to the installation, and this ensures you have the highest level of protection, and with quality varnish, the timber is weatherproof.

Add Style and Character to your Home

Hand crafted timber windows and doors will add style to your home, and with careful design, the new windows will blend with the overall concept. If you prefer the rustic look, pine or softwood is the obvious choice, and with staining, one can achieve the perfect shade. There is so much scope with timber, and unlike aluminium or UPVC, traditional timber has a unique appeal, and there are several ways to bring out the grain, especially with door panels.

Replacing your windows and doors with traditional timber means each unit will be made to fit the opening, and with a choice of opening styles, your creativity can get to work. The joinery company would be able to furnish you with a few ideas, and once you have settled on a combination that works, a professional installation is assured.