Our homes need to be protected from the elements like rain, wind, moisture, and outside temperatures. One very good option for doing so is to use cladding, which can not only really brighten up the exterior of your home, but protect it from the elements, so that you will not need to worry about painting the outside of your house again. Cladding is an exterior finishing system, similar to a layer of skin, which covers, decorates and protects the outside of a property. It is available in a range of different materials, is exceptionally durable, and if applied properly can protect the outside of your house for a very long time.

Reasons to use Cladding

The primary reason to use cladding is for waterproofing purposes, though its benefits to not end there. Cladding works as an insulating material and works with not only sound, but temperature too, keeping the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Cladding is fire retardant, pollution resistant and offers a maintenance free way of protecting your home from the elements, all while providing an aesthetically pleasing visage. There are a number of considerations to make before selecting the right cladding for you, based on budget, personal preference, as well as your typical weather, with a range of cladding materials suited to different tasks, so there is always one that is perfect for you.

Cladding Material Options

Your local climate will be an influencing factor on the type of cladding you choose.  Companies like North Coast Cladding uses a range of materials, which enables you to have a choice. Stone is a very natural looking cladding, which works equally well inside as well as outdoors. Using thin layers of natural or faux stone. These panels are very easy to install, virtually maintenance free and age gracefully. Wood has a fantastic natural look and blends in well with any décor, it is very durable and has excellent insulation properties. uPVC is a very popular option, as it requires zero maintenance, is economical, not prone to damage from severe weather and comes in a range of colours. Aluminium is a great lightweight material, available in a range of colours, prints and patterns, which is very easily installed and highly versatile. It is fully recyclable and UV resistant. Glass is a great visual cladding material which can totally transform the exterior look of your property. Available in a very wide range of tempered, laminated, curved and enamelled option, which allows enormous freedom in design, yet it is cost effective and economical. A fairly new option to the market is tile cladding, which comes in the form of a panel, offering modern designs and contemporary looks. Aside from being very versatile and easy to maintain, they also offer truly excellent insulation properties too.

A quick Internet search should find you details of cladding professionals in your area, who can explain to you in greater detail the relative benefits of the different options and recommend the type that is best suited to your house and environment. Remember, the primary reason for cladding is to protect the outside of your property, though the range of options today, means you can give it an awesome new look at the same time.