One thing that we hear time and time again from the people who run and manage large industrial environments is that their main issue is the failure of most floor surfaces to stand up to heavy use. If you imagine the sort of operations that take place in a large manufacturing hub or warehouse, you will quickly understand why this is the case.

Applying a few coats of paint to a concrete floor and calling it a day isn’t an option if you’re expecting the finish of the floor to last any more than a few months, which is why polished concrete is always going to be the preferred option. If you’re interested in how much of a difference a polished concrete floor could make, keep reading to learn more.

Chemically Hardened and Mechanically Polished

What makes polished concrete so resilient and perfect for any heavy duty environment is the process it undergoes to reach its finished state. Not only is the floor polished with abrasive diamond based discs to refine and smooth the concrete surface – once complete, a chemical based hardening solution is applied which effectively seals the floor and makes it even harder and impervious to the knocks present in daily use.

Suitable Environments for Use

Any commercial or industrial environment you could think of is suitable for a polished concrete floor. Some popular applications include:

  • Automotive shops which sell car parts and other accessories
  • Car dealerships which feature a showroom floor
  • Car workshops and garages which are at high risk of oil and chemical spillages
  • Warehouse environments which see the daily use of forklift trucks
  • Manufacturing facilities where parts are machined on production lines

The above list is not exhaustive so you will find polished concrete floors installed elsewhere too.

The Polishing Process

What is unique about mechanically polished concrete is that the sheen and smooth appearance isn’t provided by the use of a surface coating like you’ll find with inferior floor systems. Instead, the sheen you see is formed solely from the polishing process. The chemical hardener applied isn’t so much as a coating but a penetrative sealant which actually becomes part of the concrete rather than just sitting on top where it could eventually wear off or become damaged. This is the key to what makes mechanically polished and chemically hardened floors so durable.

Find a Supplier

Concrete polishing is more widespread than ever here in Australia with several suppliers and contractors available who have the required expertise to get the job done right. Perth polished concrete can be provided for any residential, commercial or industrial environment with a range of colours and surfaces patterns to choose from. Better still, the level of sheen is customisable which means that a matt surface is possible if a high gloss finish would look out of place.

The processes and techniques surrounding polished concrete have continued to improve over recent years so there is no better time than now to consider having a new floor installed. Once you’ve seen polished concrete in action, its unlikely you’ll ever look back.