Ever seen a bedbug creeping on your white bed sheets while laying your bed? Yes, it is very annoying and embarrassing. How about waking up in the morning with bed bug sores? These pests can bite through your clothes to your delicate skin. You surely do not want a rat to cross the living room while hosting delicate visitors, or do you? Rats and bed bugs are unsightly and horrible, and so are all other types of pests. Once you discovered that your home has been attacked by pests, it’s essential to plan to exterminate them as soon as possible because they multiply so fast.

These dangerous little monsters include cockroaches, bedbugs, rats, black ants, fleas, mosquitoes, mice, among others. Once you notice an invasion, you should get rid of them; otherwise your home will be a breeding ground and a disease hub.  These pests cause and spread numerous diseases. Imagine how disturbing these pests can be in a home with toddlers. Here are a few great tips on how one can keep their home free from pests.


Hygiene is paramount in having a pest free home. A well-kept home is not attractive to invade. Always keep the house clean and fresh with good aeration.  Avoid leaving left over foods open on the kitchen counters and if food is not kept in the refrigerator, it should be well kept and sealed on the kitchen counters. Quickly clean up dirty dishes in the sink after meals. Empty rubbish cans in all rooms of the house on a daily basis.


It is advised to fumigate your house once a year. But if your home has been invaded by pests, a professional pest control service company like Ambler Pest Control should be employed to fumigate your house. Fumigation kills all pests and destroys the breeding grounds. During fumigation, the house should ideally be vacated for a day. If you have got infants in the house, it is better to relocate them and return them to the house in about three days. Emergency pesticides also be bought and kept at home to kill those pests seen around.

Clear Vegetation around the house

Bushy compounds and neighborhoods should be cleared or trimmed to prevent pests from easily coming into the house. Bushes are usually good breeding grounds for pests. Those branches touching the perimeter of the house should be cut off, otherwise they act as bridges into the house for these pests.

Replace furniture

If your beds or chairs have been bitten by rats or have holes in them due to these pests, they should be ideally replaced. These pests use your furniture as a breeding ground for multiplication. The furniture should either be fumigated or ideally fully replaced to prevent multiplication of these pests.

Close all entries to the house

The house should be thoroughly checked of any tiny entries, leakages or broken doors or windows. These stubborn little things use such entries to access the house. A professional engineer can be hired to check the house of any unknown entries that such pests use. They should all be sealed up.

A house free of pests is a house full of peace.