Contractors are always looking for ways to cut costs and get the most for their money. If they want to stay on budget and on time, it is important that they learn to do this. By using a concrete company that offers time-sensitive services, contractors can realise success. For example, both ready mix concrete and concrete pumping cut down on the time used for installing cement.

Concrete Pumping

Innovations in construction technology have led to less need for manual labour, a form of construction work that can add to the time that it takes to build, fit, and install foundations and structures. By using concrete trucks, the task of cement mixing becomes much less time-consuming. Concrete pumping overrides the use of mixing cement manually.

Save Half on Labour Costs

Concrete pumping is well suited for applications that are large in nature. One of the primary economic benefits associated with concrete pumping is its placement. Trucks can be positioned close to the site to pour concrete. If a concrete truck with pumps is used, a construction manager can save as much as 50% on labour costs.

A Case in Point

A job that takes four workers two hours to complete can be done by a concrete pump truck and two or three workers in about an hour. By taking advantage of pumping concrete in Coventry, you can realise the completion of more daily job activities.

An Increase in Production

Since you can deploy labour with increased efficiency, your daily production will likewise increase. The concrete produced from pumping is placed with efficiency in mind. The time to unload is reduced notably as well. It does not matter where the pumping is performed, nor the weather conditions or time. If you use a concrete truck with a pump, expect no delays or disruptions. The vehicle features extended pumps. Therefore, it can complete a concrete project at one location.

A Safer and More Secure Site

When you can make use of this type of service, you can also take care of any back-filling more easily. By opting for concrete pumping, your construction site will be less congested; therefore, it will be safer and more secure.

Boost the Overall Productivity at Your Construction Site

When concrete is poured directly, you do not have to include a special mix to enhance the quality. Excess water is not a concern as well. Simply put, pumping concrete provides a higher capacity that surpasses 150 cubic yards per hour. If you want to boost your productivity, this is the way to do it.

Stay on Schedule and Stay on Budget

Concrete pumps can be hired for all kinds of projects. Trucks come with variously sized pumps to meet the requirements of a particular job. Not only is this form of concrete placement more affordable but it also enables a construction manager to use one of a variety of floor screeds and mixes.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing makes this service attractive to construction managers who want to stay on schedule, stay on budget, and increase safety on their sites.