If your deck has taken on an unsightly appearance, a look that is supported by the buildup of moss and dirt, you need to schedule a powerwash cleaning. The low cost of this type of cleaning service and its high degree of effectiveness will give your deck, patio, outside wall, or similar structure a whole new life and look.

What Power Wash Cleaning Removes

Pressure washing services in Edinburgh are used for a wide range of cleaning projects. Pressure washing is effectively used to remove the following from surfaces:

  • Grease
  • Moss
  • Grime
  • Graffiti
  • Tar
  • Sticky spills
  • Paint
  • Foreign substances

Getting Rid of Graffiti

The high-pressure cleaner transforms the looks of decks, sidewalks, walkways, building exteriors, parking garages, and steps. If the process is used on graffiti or oil stains, chemicals may also be added to get rid of the markings and any remaining residue.

Commercial Cleaning Applications

This type of cleaning service is recommended commercially for use in warehouses and factories as well as for shopping centres, car parks, and loading bays. For example, you should have power wash cleaning performed on a walkway that features a build-up of moss and grime.

Reducing Liability

If the dirt and residue settles on steps, it can become a safety hazard. As a result, a high pressure wash reduces your liability and gives a structure or foundation a whole new look. After all, nothing draws customers in like a place that sparkles and shines.

The general public also uses power wash services for cleaning awnings, boat hulls, paving blocks, swimming pools, and tennis courts. Statues and monuments can also be cleaned using this popular cleaning technique.