We are living in the modern era of the 21st century. Due to globalization, the boundaries in the countries have almost vanished. Despite having enriched with a prosperous culture and history, Indian people are adopting the Western European and American culture so rapidly that it has made a considerable adulteration in our culture. But, it was not the same in the past.

As every one of you must be aware that India has a long history and enriched culture. We Indians used to live in small huts and used to eat veggies for living. Over a period of time, we have adopted living in small independent houses and we have also bifurcated the house into mainly three compartments, viz., Hall, Kitchen, and bedroom. Hall is often called a living room also as more often people spend most of their time in doing pastime in living rooms only. They generally use the kitchen when it’s a time to cook something and go to the bedroom when it’s a time to sleep. Let us consider a living room for now.

Well, in this article we are going to tell you some of the interesting tips on how to decorate your living room in more fascinating ways! Let us now consider first how people started using a living room.

The concept of the living room was actually invented for big houses for welcoming guests and also for relaxation of oneself. In Western culture, the living room used to be known as “parlor,” in the early 19th century. The word parlor is derived from the old French term “parloir” or “parler” which means “to speak.” So, according to the meaning of this word, the place “parlor” in ancient western culture was mainly used for conversing or debating with a small group of people. Modern living rooms hardly keep the facility of debating or conversing with a group of people. It happens due to lack of space and also changed the social behaviors of people.

It was believed that the ancient parlors in the western Europe’s culture were facilitated by many luxury things such as         “conversation pits” in which many luxurious sofas were arranged in a linear fashion and people were allowed to sit there with ease to have long chats or debates. Slaves used to serve meals for those who are hungry and also alcohol used to be served as a part of the tradition.

Evolution of parlor is relatively a new invention. As we know, the human being is a social animal. We always lived in tight-knit groups of people. As a result, a similar communal lifestyle was developed. It was very well developed around the 16th century in Europe. The “Parlor” got bigger than ever now so that more people can visit together, share, socialize, debate and basically do whatever they want!

Though the living rooms were bigger at that time, they were well-decorated with precious things such as gems and precious flowerpots, flowers, etc.  People used to decorate their houses as per their financial wellness and desire to be an innovative decorator. Kings’ palaces used to have gold statues in their living rooms. It was a status symbol and of course the aesthetic symbolism.

Privacy was not the major concern at that time as people used to get it very easily with everyone’s consents. But living rooms were not meant for having privacy at that time. Privacy in the living room came into existence in the late 19th century. Later, European rulers came into Asia to rule on us, and our culture started getting embedded with the European architecture.

In the early 18th century, people started furnishing living rooms with the help of wood. At that time, the plywood manufacturers in India use to prepare wood sheets from natural woods such as Oak and Sag, etc. They often used marine plywood and veneer plywood as well. By that time, Europeans had entered Asia and started ruling on us. Their aesthetic architecture techniques left us spellbound and our emperors started adopting their impeccable architecture into our own palaces. They did not completely adopt it and hence, we could see the marvelous mixture of both ancient Indian and Western architecture in the palaces that were built in the 18th century.

When it comes to talking about the modern living rooms, then we will have to jump directly to the late 20th century. In the last few decades, Western-Eastern and Asian countries also have witnessed a wave of globalization and very rapid advancements in the field of technology. As a result of which, the modern living rooms nowadays look completely different than those of even the last generation! Now, we have made living rooms so compact and our own privacy is one of the most important concerns for us rather than social gathering and debating with people in the living room as we have got other platforms to do these things.

Nowadays, the living room consists of a coach or sofa, a television set, an aesthetic flower pot set, a flaunting wallpaper, and posh curtains, that’s it! No sculptures or statues, or nothing like conversation pits can be found in today’s living rooms! That is because of the changed social behaviors and changed the mindsets of people. Well, we are not going into much of its details. Currently, we are interested in telling you some of the interesting and effective interior designing tips that can help you make your living room more lively than ever!

Have a sneak peek on following smart interior design tips for your modern living rooms and do let us know what you think about it!

  • Gone are the days when TV used to be called an idiot box. Nowadays, TV is not only a source of entertainment but also one of the most important aspects of the interior designing of your living room. Tailor-made or customized shelves made of marine plywood or veneer wood can make your TV look a royal piece to flaunt off!
  • The next important part is filling up the main shelf in the living room. If you have collectibles or a few memorable things that you want to showcase in your living room then scattering them around the whole room will create a cluttered scenario, isn’t it? So, in this case, a customized shelf with your TV in the center of it will be a great idea. This shelf will comprise of all the memorable things that you are willing to showcase and in the center, your TV will shine like a star in the universe!
  • Well, if you are a hardcore book-lover and have a splendid collection of really nice and worth a reading books then you must try some innovative shelf design that will proudly exhibit your book collection to the whole world!
  • Wooden wall panels are one of the most marvelous and aesthetic things that can give an unforgettable finishing and warm and cozy look to your living room. Marine plywood or veneer plywood can be used in making of such kind of premium wooden wall panels. Best plywood manufacturers in India will definitely give you the advice to install wooden wall panels in your modern living room!
  • If your living room is too compact then honestly speaking, you are left with very limited choices of interior designing pieces. But, there is no need to worry. Use small corner pieces that are made up of marine plywood or veneer plywood. Veneer wood is naturally termite resistant hence your corner piece will remain with you for a longer time.
  • Black is a beauty! If you love everything that is in Black, then definitely you would love to mount a black TV on a dark, well-furnished Black wall? Wouldn’t you? Black TV along with a white or cream layered sofa could make a stunning contrast when put against the black, well-furnished wall! The marvelous look is seriously over dominating and top of the world. When you color wall in the whole black, the elegant and flexible nature of the natural black will make a modern and unique style statement for your living room. You will never stop flaunting it off to your friends and relatives.
  • If you are an artist and have a stunning gallery wall that is showcasing your marvelous arts? Then, you can put your TV at the center of your gallery wall and put your collectible and memorable things along with it. Simply hire a good interior designer who can give you smart tips like us and make your living room a better place to relax, rest, and enjoy.
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