Skips are available in many different sizes. If you are renovating your flat, cleaning out your house, or redesigning your office, you probably need a skip. Hiring a skip is important and helpful because it will allow you to throw away all of the different refuse that comes from deep cleaning or renovation. However, a skip can be somewhat expensive. To make sure that you are not wasting your money, you need to only hire the skip that you need. If you are renovating something, you need to choose the right size of skip. However, choosing the right size of skip can be difficult if you’ve never hired a skip before. They come in very specific sizes but the most common way to think about them is by dividing them into midi skips, medium-sized skips, and large skips.

Midi Skips

A midi skip from a place such as AA Skip Hire is a great way to renovate a small amount of space. If you are throwing away the refuse from renovating one room or a very small flat, a midi skip is usually appropriate. A midi skip will fit the normal rubbish from cleaning your house or throwing away one or two appliances. However, if you need to throw away mattresses, multiple appliances, or the rubbish from an entire house’s worth of renovation, then you will require something larger than a midi skip.

Medium-Sized Skips

A medium skip is larger than a midi skip but not so big that it’s considered a large skip. A medium-sized skip is the most commonly used kind of skip. AA Skip Hire offers medium-sized skips in a range of sizes. The medium-sized skip is most appropriate for someone who is renovating his or her entire house or flat. He or she will probably need a medium-sized skip. Also, it’s appropriate for anyone who wants to throw away a mattress. Throwing away a mattress is fraught with difficulty because mattresses take up a lot of space but they are also not very firm.

For example, if you put a mattress in your skip but you then put appliances on top of the mattress, the entire pile will be very unstable. If your skip is picked up and then driven to the dump, the mattress destabilises the entire pile. That’s why skip hire companies such as AA Skip Hire often ask that you put mattresses on top of the skip. If you are trying to throw away mattresses, you should ask the company from which you are hiring the skip about throwing away mattresses. They often have policies about discarding mattresses. Mattresses are not the only unstable products that you might be discarding. Garden and natural rubbish is also difficult to discard.

Large Skips

Large skips are often most appropriate for discarding garden rubbish. If you’re clearing brush, clearing a field, or just cleaning up around the garden, you likely need a large skip. Large skips are also appropriate for renovating offices and other large buildings. Those are just a few uses for a large skip.