Garage doors are generally expected to last you around five to ten years if they are properly maintained. Due to the complex mechanism installed behind the garage door to maintain its functionality, you will need to get it serviced at least once in a year to ensure smooth performance. If you feel that your garage door is causing too much trouble and finally needs to be replaced, selecting a new one is a big issue. There are different types of garage doors to choose from, each offering their own pros and cons. Here are a few tips to help you choose your new garage door.

Types of Doors

  • Companies that sell Teignmouth garage doors often provide a range of different garage doors with the most common variant being the roller shutter door. It’s designed for smooth performance and will last you for many years to come.
  • If you want a more elegant look, you can choose a swing-out garage door or a swing-up garage door. They look really nice but are only suitable if you have a bigger driveway.
  • Sliding garage doors are a decent choice for people who have bigger garages where they can park multiple cars.


Once you have bought the garage door, the company will bring it over to your place and install it. The previous garage door will be removed and the new one will be set in its position. New garage doors also come with a yearly warranty so you can call the company if the mechanism jams or sticks.