Moving to a new house is a lot of work, you have to pack and ensure that everything arrives safely at the new place. The chances of moving successfully without hitches depend largely on proper planning. This includes beginning the packing early enough and dismantling all the furniture without damages. You also will need to hire a team of movers and truck to help out with the heavy lifting.

One factor that could determine whether or not the move would be stressful is the weather conditions. It is best to move during summer as the weather is a lot favorable and the kids aren’t engaged in school. Also chances are that you would find it easier to settle in your new home during summer when everyone is enjoying the weather. It is also possible that you might not be able to wait till summer and would have to move at a different time of year.

Moving in Warm Weather

As earlier stated, moving in warm weather is a lot stress free as there is no interference from rain or snow. You can rest assured that the movers would arrive on time and won’t have to wait for the weather to move items outside. Also accidents are easily avoided when moving in warm weather. When the floor is slippery, it can cause the movers to slip and fall as they move heavy items. Moving in the sun may look like a good idea, but when the heat exposure is much, it can lead to sun burns and dehydration which is why you want to make provision for drinks and sun block to help with dehydration and burns when moving under the sun. Transportation is however easy during warm weather as the routes and terrains are normally dry this time of year.

Moving in the Rain

It is also possible to move in the rain; although it might be a lot difficult compared to when moving in warm weather. If the rain is light, you won’t encounter many problems but when it’s a heavy downpour, then you might have cause to worry.  It is usually best to postpone the move to a later date when the rain is nonstop, but if you are working with a deadline, you can still take the risk and embark on the move.

The main thing is to ensure that your properties are dry and don’t get damaged by the rain. You can wrap your items with plastic paper to make them water resistant. You also want to avoid water getting into boxes and luggages. You want to also check that the truck don’t have any leakages on the roof and the body so as to prevent damage as you travel.

Moving in Winter

It is a lot difficult to move in winter than when it rains, this is because snow and ice can cause a bit of nuisance during a move. You would have to make sure that the drive ways and walk ways are rid of snow so as the truck and movers can move freely to the house. You can make use of sand or salt to prevent the formation of ice on the drive ways and sidewalks. You also want to wrap your items with plastic wraps to prevent them from damage by snow. Movers and other members of the family would also require a warm beverage to help deal with the cold weather.