Curtains are the vital part of our belongings. They not only beautify the house and office but also protect us from heat that enters through doors and windows. Beautiful and designer curtains are liked by all. Like all other clothes, curtains are also prone to dirt that clings on them and makes them give ugly looks after a lapse of time. Absorption of smell from kitchen, cigarette smoke and other such effects leaves the curtains   give foul smell. It may result in discoloration and noticeable stains on light colored or delicate curtains. Cleaning these pieces of cloth by the building owners in person or through prominent concerns including Curtain cleaners in London becomes necessary.

Following major tips may prove much helpful in cleaning of curtains –

  • Washing Machine – This is one of the best options to clean the curtains in viable manners. Using the washing machine with a delicate cycle is necessary when it is there. The other option is cool wash with a slow spin. Usual laundry detergent may be good for this purpose. If worried about shrinkage for delicate cotton curtains, then it is better to hand washing the curtains.
  • Hand wash – The safer option is hand wash. Quality soap or a regular laundry detergent may be used for washing the curtains made out of soft cotton. Damages can be avoided by using soap available from prominent manufacturers. Better adhere to the instructions mentioned on the curtains that need to be cleaned.

Hand washing of the curtains is best as it prevents shrinkage. Very heavy materials may be avoided from hand washing as they take longer time for removal of all water that delays drying up.

  •     Steam Cleaning – This is another good method of cleaning the curtains. Good quality steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment may be used for good cleaning like the ones used by curtain cleaners in London. It is recommended to start washing from the top and complete the process downwards. The appliance may be held away from the curtain if it is becoming wet. Manufacturer’s instructions must be read in careful manners when washing the curtains with steam as it may harm one’s physique. Appropriate protective clothing may be used when using steam. Steam cleaning of curtains may be suitable for curtains made from heavy fabric. This is to avoid lengthy drying process. Vacuuming the curtains as a part of usual cleaning routine is a must. Soft brush attachment may be made use of for removing dust and dirt from the curtains.

Care – Mild laundry detergent like Persil small & mighty Non-Bio may be the best options for the same. Rubber gloves may be worn to protect the soft and damaged skin.

Drying up – Wet curtains should not be put into the dryer. It may cause stubborn creases that usually appear because of the tumbling motion. It is better to hang the wet curtains outside away from direct sun rays to protect them from bleaching. An open breezy space may be chosen. Drying up curtains in natural manners is good.