If you want to turn part of your house into an apartment or if you simply want to expand the amount of space you have for living, you should consider converting your garage. Converting your garage into a living space will offer you a significantly expanded amount of living space. One of the things you can do is to convert your garage into another room. This means that you won’t need to expand your utilities by much. If you want the new space to be an apartment, you will need to run utilities. Here is how professionals might manage either of these types of conversions.

Converting a Garage

  • The biggest concerns about garages are that they are usually not insulated and have very hard floors. Quality builders in East Kilbride will first assess the state of your garage.
  • A concrete floor doesn’t have to be replaced. Oftentimes, it can simply be insulated and then covered with your choice of flooring.
  • The garage walls can be removed and insulated, or alternately, the builders might simply put the insulation on the walls and then build over that.
  • Drywall is great for cladding over an existing wall.
  • The builders will also need to make sure that the building is as tight as possible to prevent draughts.

Running Utilities

You’ll also need to run a few utilities to your garage. If your garage already has electricity, then it might only need to have a gas expansion. Alternately, you could use electric heaters and air conditioning units. If you’re turning it into a full-fledged flat, you’ll need to run plumbing as well.