Everyone has heard of energy efficiency and how it’s important that your home is energy efficient, but what does it all mean? It refers to how well your home uses its energy; homes that are energy efficient tend to use less energy and the energy they do use they use well. By having an energy efficient home, you’ll benefit from lower energy costs and the knowledge that you’re not wasting energy. So, how energy efficient is your home?

What Makes A Home Energy Efficient?

It’s not easy to know how energy efficiency your home is, especially if you’ve only recently given it some thought. However, there are a few things that energy efficient homes tend to have. If your home ticks some of them off, there’s a good chance you’re using energy well.

  • Having Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows keep the cold air out and the warm air in which means less heating, and therefore energy, is required. Homes that have double glazed windows are much more energy efficient that those without.  Buying replacement windows need not be a boring process of like for like.  If you are upgrading to double glazing, why not try Flush Sash windows or another style that would also improve the overall look of your home.

  • Using Good Quality Insulation

Homes with good quality insulation need less heating than those without, which uses less energy. A lot of heat is lost through the roof of a home and therefore great loft insulation is important.

  • Only Using Central Heating Where It’s Needed

It can be tempting to keep central heating on high all day every day, even when you’re out. However, this doesn’t necessarily make the home any warmer and it uses a lot of energy where it’s not needed. Homes that use a lower central heating temperature, ensuring this heat is used well, use less energy overall.

  • Keeping Heat In Through Other Means

There are a lot of different ways to keep the heat inside of a home and those that do, are more energy efficient. Instead of letting heat escape it can be kept in through draught excluders, drawn curtains and closed doors.

The key to having an energy efficient home is ensuring you utilise the energy you use well. Rather than wasting energy by overheating you home, try to keep the heat in through double glazed windows and other means. Not only does this mean your home is more energy efficient, but it also keeps energy costs down.