How Do I Pick A Good Omaha Roofing Company?

What Do I Look For?

Choosing a good roofer does have its fair share of challenges. How will a person know when they have found the right guy or girl? How will a person know what is a fair price to pay, no matter how large or small the job is?

Some Signs To Look For:

1) The Local Yocals

Homeowners should talk to the people who live in their area. There is bound to be someone who has used their services before. Find out from them who they trust. Talk to those who have lived in the area for a long time. They know more about the laws and how the regulations work.

2) The BBB

Better Business Bureau is a great place to begin research. They have listings for everything. There is nothing a homeowner cannot find on that site. They will have the company name and the most recent ratings.

Roofing contractors are required to maintain a minimum score on the site or else get kicked off. Stay away from companies who used to be on the site but have since been removed.

Has a company been removed from the site that used to be there? There is a reason for that, usually involving something ethical.

3) A Warranty

Most contractors will provide clients with a warranty of some kind. even a partial one. Some cannot offer the manufacturer kind. That is when the customer needs to ask for the extended warranty. The extended warranty offers protection where the manufacturer cannot.

FYI: The manufacturer warranty has a limited shelf life. That is why an extended warranty is a better option.

There is something called “The Golden Pledge.” It is one of the better warranties a homeowner can have. Companies that do not offer this warranty should not be trusted.

4) Safety

Did the contractor receive the proper training? There is something called “CARE”(Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence). Contractors that do not have this kind of training are not to be trusted.

There is also something called the “GAF Sponsor.” They are part of the roofing training program and manufacturer. Contractors who come with this title experience, including Millard Roofing, are the right people for the job.

5) Insurance and License

There are so many fly-by-night contractors that it is necessary to add this section. Every company that comes with proper bonding and insurance should provide validation for every person on the payroll, including subcontractors and menial labor.

Clients should be wary of a company that declines to provide the proper documentation for every staff member.

6) Insurance Deductible

Did the company say they can do the job without asking the homeowner to pay their deductible? That is called insurance fraud.

The company and the homeowner can be held liable for any wrongdoing. Plus, it endangers the client. Homeowners should keep paying their premiums.

7) Handling Claims

Some contractors will claim they are specialists in the insurance department. They will even say they can handle the claims for the homeowner. That is the last thing a homeowner should agree to. That is considered illegal in most states. Contractors that do that have their own agenda.

They will throw the client under the bus without a second thought. Some of the fly-by-night operations do that. Clients should handle their claims on their own. Hire a lawyer if necessary, but clients need to do it themselves.