Autumnal decorating encompasses more than just orange, ochre, yellow, and brown. We have to remember, reds and purples are both vibrant, beautiful shades of fall. In fact, some of the prettiest leaves are the ones which turn flaming red and deep, dark plum before they die and fall to the ground.

That is where gorgeous, grapevine baskets can come in, and my, do they come in with a vengeance! Have you ever seen anything so pretty? The plus side is that, yet again, you can actually make these yourself, for very little cost.

The first thing you need is, of course, a grapevine basket. You can find one – or many, if you’d like a couple – any number of places, including Michael’s, Wal-Mart, Target, and quite likely even the big name dollar stores. Then you need some florist styrofoam – that hard green stuff you often find holding fake plants and things. Get a big block of it, you can cut it down and just stuff it in your baskets. After that, just stick in the branches of some preserved leaves – red and purple, or really, whatever other autumn leaves you like. Include some sprigs of wheat and sticks of dried berries for some extra splashes of color, and voila   This works as a centerpiece, you can place it in front of a picture with a fall theme as shows, or use it as an arrangement on your coffee or end tables – they can even be a connecting motif in your living room