Graffiti vandalism is becoming really common in every city. Graffiti is rampantly sprayed on walls, trains, buildings, walls and any other surface a vandal can find. While it is forbidden for people by city councils to paint on public properties, it is not possible to control these non-compliant acts all the time.

There are numerous methods- both chemical and mechanical to clean and get rid of graffiti from buildings and walls. The chemical method involves using graffiti removal chemicals and solvents, which dissolve the spray paint, to get rid of the graffiti effectively. However, it is essential to keep in mind that if the wrong chemical is used, it may result in the graffiti colors dissolving and getting deeply soaked into the substrate.

Why should you go for chemicals?

Most of the spray paints that are used to create graffiti art tend to be very potent and strong. It is not possible to easily remove them without using any chemicals. There is a huge variety of graffiti removal solvents available nowadays that can remove graffiti from the walls of your property.

Types of Graffiti Removal Chemicals

Chemical Paint Removers: They work for various surfaces that include brick, wood and cement. These solvents are extremely strong therefore it is generally only sold in specialty industry settings. They include Naphtha, Alcohol, Lacquer Thinner, Acetone, Methylene Chloride, Turpentine and Mineral Spirits.

Wipes: Wipes specifically made to remove graffiti get rid of minor spray paint as well as graffiti marker spots. They come with a scrubber or cloth that can be directly used on the affected surface.

Pressure Washing: This technique involves combining graffiti removal chemicals with pressure washing to effectively get rid of graffiti. While it works fairly well, it may wear down the quality of the affected surface.

Drawbacks of Graffiti Removal Chemicals

Graffiti Removal Chemicals are strong and potent solvents and can be a risk to your health. For this reason, it is essential to follow certain safety precautions while using them, be aware of the wind conditions and wear breathing and eye protection while using these chemicals.

Safety Glasses: Eye safety is essential. Safety glasses can prevent the solvent from coming into contact with your eyes.

Dust Mask: Some graffiti removal chemicals can be hazardous so it is essential to wear breathing protection to avoid inhaling them. A respirator may be a safer option than a dust mask.

Some of the graffiti removal chemicals are not environment-friendly. Additionally, they may be a relatively expensive option considering they have a high price and it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to apply these chemicals.

Why should you hire a professional to get rid of graffiti using graffiti removal chemicals?

It would be a good idea to employ professional for this job because they are experienced and thoroughly knowledgeable about all the complications and risks involved. They are aware of the right application method and the quantity of chemical that is supposed to be used for the specific graffiti type. The professional is also going to keep the guidelines given by the manufacturer of the product in mind. It is essential to use graffiti removal chemicals with caution and care in order to avoid any hazards.