If you live in the county of Berkshire or surrounding districts and you are considering a loft insulation, then look no further than the services on offer at InstaGroup in Berkshire.

A loft insulation costs an initial payment of money, but over time this one-off fee will be recouped by the level of savings on your energy bill. Over a long period of time, you will have made your money back in savings and more.

The insulation process is quick and cost-efficient. The results in warming up your home are felt within minutes after installation. There is no messy and cumbersome method to have a loft installation. It is often completed within a day and you would not even know anyone has been in your home just after the installers have left.

The thing is with warm air is that it rises. It will make its way to the roof and from here it will escape, losing as much as 25 per cent of the heat generated in the home to the outside world. This is a waste of energy and you are paying for it.

Depending on the size of your property, heating bills could see annual savings of up to £225. Even if you already have loft installation fitted, it is worth checking out to see if the existing insulation is adequate. All too often, it is discovered not to be the case.

The current recommended minimum depth is 270mm (10.63 inches). Many lofts were insulated before 2003 and it is within these properties that the insulation tends to be insufficient in thickness. Your home could benefit from a top up if you have not had a loft installation since 2003 and live in the Berkshire area.

InstaGroup covers the regions of Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Oxfordshire. It can provide you with an expert, obligation-free survey that will determine how much the installation will cost, how much money you are likely to save, the time period at which you are likely to break even and the need for your storage space. During the free survey, all measurements are taken within the loft as well as the existing insulation thickness.

InstaGroup will also inform you of whether any grants that may be available. The government does allow many residents a grant of a fee to go towards the cost of improving one’s home energy efficient. A loft insulation program often qualifies for this.