There are many reasons why we may choose to cover our windows with curtains – block out the light, stop the neighbours peering in, add to the design of your rooms – but it’s safe to say all homes have them. Of course, curtains are useful, but they also need to be pleasant to look at. Well here’s an idea for you, in case you never thought of it before: Install roman blinds. These are a kind of cross between traditional curtains and regular blind mechanisms, and they look great on windows. Here are some reasons why you may choose roman blinds over curtains.

  • Small Windows:

Roman blinds look just great on smaller windows, which could be overwhelmed by a pair of curtains. You’ll save space too, as there is no need for any fabric to be either side of the window when not closed, as roman blinds come from the top down.

  • Minimalist Appeal:

Roman blinds barely take any fabric at all, yet are very effective. When they’re closed, they look just like a flat piece of fabric on the window, but when open they fold into a neat concertina at the top. This kind of effect looks really great in any minimalist style home, as messy curtains don’t get in the way of a carefully designed room.

  • Heat Effectiveness:

Many houses have a radiator that sits directly below a window. If you cover the window with a pair of curtains the majority of the heat produced by the radiator will go up and behind the curtains, and you will lose the heat going into the room. Installing a blind means that only the window itself will be covered, offering protection from outside temperatures whilst still allowing the heat to circulate around the room. Many cities in the northeast feature a radiator below the window, which is why roman blinds in Newcastle upon Tyne are becoming increasingly popular.

  • Splitting Windows:

If you have a large or bay window, you can split it into sections. So rather than having one huge pair of curtains on either side, you could install roman blinds for part of the window, and have curtains for another part. This will take up less space and fabric, but also allows you to have different parts of the large window open at a time. You could have one blind up, the other down, whilst the curtains are drawn, just to allow a small bit of light or ventilation into the room.

Roman blinds are a design feature most people don’t think of first, however they can add a lot to a room. If you have small windows then roman blinds will be right for your room, as they don’t take up extra space. Or if you drastically want to reduce the amount of fabric around your windows and free up space, roman blinds are also useful for a minimalist feel. They are also a smarter solution to keeping the heat in, and the cold in, so they’re particularly useful if you have a radiator that sits directly below the window. Roman blinds also are useful to split up larger or bay windows into sections. If you’ve never considered roman blinds before, then now is a good time to start considering all the benefits they could bring.