If you contact a removal company about moving house, you need to follow some general guidelines so you can make relocation easier.

Preparing for a Removal

Removal specialists suggest that you plan for the following:

  • The removal vehicle needs to be able to access and exit your neighbourhood. Therefore, you need to contact neighbours that a removal vehicle will be parked outside your house. You will also need to obtain parking permits if they are required.
  • You should be available and present during the entire removal process. Doing so will prevent any problems with removing or leaving items in the house.
  • According to established health and safety rules, movers cannot enter a loft, garage, or shed unless the area features a solid ladder for access, has a fixed floor, or is fully illuminated.
  • Movers are normally unable to move potentially dangerous substances or solutions that are flammable.
  • All the fixtures or fittings for the move should be ready to transport. Movers are not insured to disconnect appliances.

Packing Items for a Move

What is good about using specialists in home removals in Sheffield is the fact that they know what packing materials to use for packing specific items. Specialists in the field use the following:

  • Transit blankets for furniture
  • Layers of cardboard or hardboard to prevent marks on items such as chairs or desks
  • Laminate wrapping for moving items overseas that are more delicate
  • Export packing, such as corrugated paper, acid free tissue paper, or jet-wraps.

If you need further details about preparing for a removal, feel free to call the removal company for its suggestions and advice. Make sure you are both on the same page when it comes to moving your belongings.