Whether you’re renovating your house, moving, or spring cleaning, hiring a skip bin allows you to dispose of things you don’t need or want. Almost everything from furniture to old appliances to building materials can be put in a skip for disposal. However, you will need the right size of skip, so here are some tips for hiring the right one for your needs.

Skip Bin Sizes

Most companies offering skip bins for hire have several different sizes from which to choose. If you’re cleaning house to move or just de-cluttering your home, then a mini skip may be the right size for your needs. Most skip bin companies offer skips starting at two to two-and-a-half cubic metres up to 10 cubic metres.

If you’re not sure how much that holds, a two-and-a-half cubic metre skip holds enough waste materials to fit inside a four by four trailer one and a half times. Another way of judging the amount it holds is by the number of garbage bags it can hold. A small skip will be able to hold between 25 to 35 black plastic bags of garbage.

Ramps Are Available

If you’re tossing out broken furniture or garden waste, then you may not be able to toss it over the side of a skip. Instead, you can request ramps for skips of a certain size, which allow you to use a hand truck or wheelbarrow to put heavier items into the skip. So, consider the weight and the size of the items you wish to throw out and request a skip with a ramp if you don’t think you’ll be able to lift them over the side of the skip.

Do You Have Room?

The skip should be put on your property for convenience, so you need to find a space large enough to put a skip. If you have a narrow property, then the skip bin may need to be set in the street by your house. Placing a skip on a public roadway will require permission from the local council, and it should have some reflective tape or lights on it so that at night, people will be aware that it is there.

Duration of Hire

If you want to hire a skip to clean out your home, most companies hire them for one to seven days. While some companies offer one-day service, if you hire a skip for more than one day, it may take longer to pick up. However, when hiring skip bins south in Perth, you can contact the company as soon as the skip is full to arrange for pickup so that it can be emptied.

Skip bins are a good way to dispose of household materials and goods that you no longer want or need.